Precision Processing

What Can A Digital Platform Do For Billing & Accounting?

Imagine the most technologically advanced financial assistant, helping all departments at once! The Digital Media Manager works behind the scenes to keep everyone on the same page.

Electronic Invoicing: Flawlessly transfer information from an insertion order to a contract and then over to the final invoice.

Payment Processing: From Quick Pay and auto-pay to Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, reconcile multiple bills effortlessly – even in batches.

Customizable Reporting: Quickly extract and sort Invoice and payment details by client, publication, and time period.

Advanced Accounting: Create simple payment plans that turn complex multimedia invoices into simple regular installments paid across any date range.

Count On Digital Billing & Accounting That Thousands of Media Entities Already Trust In

Streamlining Financial Solutions with Intelligent Tools and Automation


Simplified Invoicing

Complicated terms? No problem. Even complex media packages with stand-alone production charges, net/gross adjustments, and barter agreements are billed with minimal effort.

Customizable Statements

Automated Letters

Advanced Search

Multi-gateway & Multi-currency


Tracking and Growing

With The Digital Media Manager’s unified digital platform, you get all the accounting tools for today’s business as well as all the scalability solutions for tomorrow.

QuickBooks Integration

PCI Compliance

Powerful Customer Portal

Commission Reports

Audience Development

Start Revolutionizing Your Digital Media Management Today

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Fitting Your Needs

Flexibility and Customization

The Digital Media Manager’s customizable billing and accounting platform is easy to use and flexible. With multi-gateway & multi-currency functionality, you can connect with multiple payment gateways to process payments and accept multiple currencies for proposals, orders, invoices, statements & payments. There’s even the ability to associate payment gateways and currencies by rate card.

The Advantages of Digital Accounting

The Digital Media Manager puts payment-processing power in the hands of everyone using the platform.

Reconcile batches of multiple, complex bills.

Our QuickBooks Web Connector integration package pushes data from The Digital Media Manager directly into QuickBooks.

The Digital Media Manager uses PCI-compliant solutions and an SSL certificate using a 1024-bit key to protect financial information.

Reports, such as aging A/R summaries, sales rep performance, conversion rate analysis, and custom configurations, are easy to generate.

Statements and invoice templates are customizable with logos, images, and data fields.

Send invoices with tear sheets digitally and customize statements and letters.

James Jiskra

I’ve tried all the major CRMs but for the publishing industry, no one does it better than [The] Magazine Manager.

Kylah Strohte

The Newspaper Manager has made my life a whole lot easier. The software is efficient and easy to use, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with the level of service The Newspaper Manager team offers. Such a great value – thank you!

Valerie Simon

We started to use The Newspaper Manager, and I didn’t know how valuable it was until we lost a sales rep. It made it so easy to pick up where the rep left off. With the account list and the information at hand, we didn’t lose a single ad! It was seamless!

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Easily design and send email campaigns to audience segments built from CRM contacts.


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Streamline billing with the QuickBooks Web Connector, pushing transactions from your CRM to QuickBooks.


Get paid faster with time-saving automation, invoicing, and remote access.

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