The Power of Digital Reporting

As a unified platform, The Digital Media Manager is designed to keep all teams on the same page. Digital reporting simply shows the glorious output of all that teamwork. Any and all information logged within the system can be effortlessly tracked and easily monitored, customized to work with your growth and scalability in mind.

Digital Reporting At Its Most Effective

Real-time Data Analysis

The Digital Media Manager’s powerful reporting suite gives businesses insight into performance and profitability. Once a report is generated, data can be filtered and exported as a CSV spreadsheet.

Digital Billing & Accounting

Data Visualization

Data visualization tools display over 175 dashboards with every possible metric a business needs to track. Easily customize any report or dashboard with our user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality.

Digital Project Management

The Keys to Digital Reporting


Consistent Reporting

From basic billing to team productivity, the Digital Media Manager’s wide array of pre-built report templates help businesses monitor performance and boost profitability. View sales activities, ad inventory changes, and A/R updates in real time, while gaining insight from pipeline forecasts.

Flex Reports

The Sky Is the Limit!

If you can imagine it, the Digital Media Manager can accommodate it. Our powerful Flex Report functionality arranges and configures nearly any combination of data points and custom fields within the platform.

Count On Digital Reporting That Thousands of Media Entities Already Trust In

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Data Drill-Down Capabilities

Digital Billing Accounting solutions are highly customizable. Businesses can adapt the software to their specific requirements, including invoice templates, expense categories, and reporting structures. This flexibility ensures that the solution aligns with the unique financial workflows of each organization.`

Empowering Sales With Digital Reporting

With The Digital Media Manager, the industry’s most powerful opportunities module tracks your deals through customizable sales funnels. Get a detailed report of ad sales, including net, gross and barter totals, unit rates, and balance by client for each product.

Goals Report

Track progress for different team members and departments, including sales.

Comp List Report

Understand which clients and contacts are receiving a complimentary subscription.


Stay connected to sales and client service activity with detailed callback reports.

Unbilled Charges

Make sure all billable items are invoiced when reviewing charges by issue

Pipeline Forecast

Project income based on the probability of closing active sales proposals.

Data Appending Tools

Our proprietary data appending tools include social media profiles, email verification, and company demographics.

James Jiskra

I’ve tried all the major CRMs but for the publishing industry, no one does it better than [The] Magazine Manager.

Kylah Strohte

The Newspaper Manager has made my life a whole lot easier. The software is efficient and easy to use, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with the level of service The Newspaper Manager team offers. Such a great value – thank you!

Valerie Simon

We started to use The Newspaper Manager, and I didn’t know how valuable it was until we lost a sales rep. It made it so easy to pick up where the rep left off. With the account list and the information at hand, we didn’t lose a single ad! It was seamless!

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