The Power of Working Together

All of the apps you already count on, working hand-in-hand with our unified, all-in-one platform

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager

Identify website visitors and automate marketing processes to close more sales.


Easily design and send email campaigns to audience segments built from CRM contacts.


Effortlessly create and deploy mass marketing messages to subscriber groups sourced from your CRM database.


Streamline billing with the QuickBooks Web Connector, pushing transactions from your CRM to QuickBooks


Streamline accounting services like basic bookkeeping and advanced analytics.


Get paid faster with time-saving automation, invoicing, and remote access.

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

Optimize financial operations with this all-in-one platform.


Facilitate secure payments from clients directly through your CRM.


Generate tailored invoices for clients to review and pay bills.

Process payments using the method that’s best suited for your business.


Digitally sign and request signatures with ease.

Adobe InDesign

Manage and collaborate on layout designs and easily preview in Mirabel’s Digital Studio

Mirabel’s DigitalStudio

Simplify production, preview flatplans, and publish digital editions across multiple platforms.


Analyze data with Kibana’s drag-and-drop fields, live previews, and interactive visualizations.

Google Calendar

Automatically sync meetings and calls scheduled in your CRM to your Google Calendar and stay organized.


Send small batches of targeted emails through a Gmail account.

Outlook Calendar

View, manage, and create events in your Outlook Calendar within Magazine Manager.


Securely process credit card and ACH payments directly through your CRM

Google Chrome

View existing and add new notes to a record through your Gmail, and copy emails and their attachments directly into the CRM


Map orders and advertisers directly to your CRM to optimize your sales and marketing pipeline.